D. Gray-Young Consulting offers a range of solutions for you and your team; from evaluation of sponsorship opportunities to professional development and leadership training for your advertising sales and marketing teams.

  • Client Readiness Assessment

    We will evaluate your media, content or event property and provide a thorough and honest assessment of its client readiness. Read...

  • On-Site Training |Media 101

    Give your team the benefit of comprehensive live in-person training where they can ask their own questions and receive individual attention. Read...

  • Virtual Training

    Webinars for Personal and Group Coaching Sessions Read...

  • Strategic Alignment and Partnerships

    Strategic partnerships to provide multicultural consumer insights, analytics, Read...

  • Custom Solutions

    RFP (Request for Proposal) or Proposal Evaluation and Readiness, Sales teams for different media communication platforms?

  • DGY On-Demand

    Don’t have time for all of what we offer? Just need someone to bounce ideas or strategies off of? Well, we can do that too. Read...


We offer a range of solutions for you and your team; from evaluation of single or cross-platform media opportunities and media insights to sales and leadership training for your team, including coaching for seasoned executives as well as emerging leaders.

  • Whether you currently have or are developing a single or cross-platform media property, D. Gray-Young Consulting can provide you with expert assessment of its client readiness.
  • There are 10 essential things you need to know before you walk out the door.
  • Do you know what they are? We do.
  • These 10 things will minimize your embarrassment.
  • Improve your chances of obtaining client buy-in.



The purpose of Our Coaching Services is to improve your sales team retention rate and enhance the effectiveness and revenue generation potential of your company. Our mission making sure you and your staff are client ready before you walk out of the door.

Deborah Gray-Young is an expert marketing consultant as well as an iPEC, ACC | ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified Personal and Executive Coach dedicated to helping business professionals navigate the intersection of their personal and professional lives. Her team’s mission is to help professionals, better manage the politics and biases they encounter in their workplace.

When identifying emerging leaders among your workforce, we focus on the following four aspects:

  • Personal Attributes — Who they are.
  • Experience — What they have done.
  • Knowledge — What they know.
  • Competencies — What they can do.

Once we have identified the gems, we nurture their leadership potential and prepare them for a long and successful leadership endeavor.

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